Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello blog world...

or really I should say, HELLO Kat and Mlle Michael, as you are sure to be my only readers! You both have been so sweet to pressure encourage me to blog along with you.

My big 'blog' plans are:

  • post some of my finished sewing efforts which will hopefully encourage me to finish all of my 90% completed projects (maybe I can somehow even inspire you two to start to sew/sew more)
  • Post favorite recipes that I have tried, and maybe discourage others- I have a list of those
  • DIY projects- successes and failures
  • Products that I love & encourage others to try
  • I wish I could post funny stories from work but I'm too afraid of HIPAA repercussions (I guess I will have to save them for inappropriate dinner party conversations)
So basically I'm unoriginal :) Bun & Mick, any suggestions??

This concludes my exciting test entry, let's see what my blog looks like haha

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  1. You are not unoriginal at all! You're so creative and you're going to make me so jealous with all of your sewing projects!! :) I cannot wait to see them and I'm so excited for you to have your own space on the internet now. I know others will be so happy to learn from your projects! :) Xoxoxo


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